Sell Your Used Equipment

(All Brands Accepted)

(Or find out how you can have it responsibly recycled)

We Buy:

  1. Digital Cameras (DSLR's and Digital Point and Shoots)
  2. Digital Video Cameras (Standard and High Definition)
  3. Film Cameras (35mm, Medium and Large Format)
  4. Lenses, Flashes, and Many Camera Accessories
  5. Digital Picture Frames
  6. Consumer Model Printers

You'll receive your payment via check upon receipt and inspection of your item(s)

It's Quick and Easy with No Haggling and No Hassles.

Sell Today in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. List your equipment using our FREE No-Obligation Instant Price Quote system
  2. We provide you with a top dollar quote for your gear
  3. Pack your gear and ship it to us using our pre-paid shipping label
  4. We mail your check and Bonus Kodak Store Offer upon receipt and inspection!
  5. If your used equipment does not have any purchase value, you will be provided with options for responsible recycling

For more information on the Kodak Trade-In and Recycling Program Click Here.